Corporate Rafting Trips in Tennessee

How to Become a River Rafting Guide on the Ocoee River | Raft OneWhen you want to rally your sales force, build teamwork or simply reward your staff for a job well done, it’s time to take them on a corporate retreat. Getting your staff together in a new environment gives them the opportunity to build stronger bonds and better ways of communicating and interacting with one another. Once back at work, this can easily translate to improved cooperation and increased productivity.

Here are some unique ideas for a fun and memorable corporate retreat in Tennessee, including the Ocoee river rafting activities that we offer here at Raft One.

Thrill Your Team with White Water Rafting Adventures

Give your team the experience of working together while having the time of their lives on an Ocoee River white water rafting expedition. With the help of our experienced guides, your team will learn to navigate the waters of this majestic river. To do so successfully, they must apply their skills to the task and work together as a team. If you have a big group, you can offer a prize for the team that reaches the “finish line” first.

Team Building Opportunities from Ropes Courses to Ziplining

For a thrill unlike any other, try our Ocoee canopy tour. Soar like a bird over the Cherokee National Forest under the expert care of our seasoned guides. Give your team a unique experience they will always remember. It’s another way to let them know how valuable they are to the team and how much you appreciate their contribution.

Farm-to-Table Dining Experience for Your Entire Group

Bring your team to a local farm that offers farm-to-table dining. They can harvest their own vegetables, learn to cook them and taste the difference that freshness makes. Choose a farm that offers other interesting activities like making artisanal salami or cheese. You might just discover a hidden talent that one or more of your staff members posses!

Art Classes Help Express Your Team’s Creativity, and Encourage Innovation

Invite two or three local artists (painters, sculptors, installation artists, etc.) to give your staff practical art pointers, then let their creativity take over for the day. The artists can continue to guide your staff as they work on their creations. Display their work in your place of business to remind your staff of the importance of acknowledging and nurturing the artist that lives in everyone.

For a corporate retreat that combines thrills and team-building skills, contact Raft One at 1-888-723-8663. We’ll take you and your team on a river rafting experience they will never forget. You can also arrange for an Ocoee mountain biking adventure for your entire team. We also have large group cabin rentals for your convenience and comfort.

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