Group Rafting Packages in Tennessee

Raft One group on jump rock on the Ocoee River

Rafting Packages for Groups of 15+

Rafting down the Ocoee River is a fun and thrilling experience no matter your party’s size. We can’t deny it, though — groups do have an amped-up experience when they’re soaked to the bone and paddling down rapids like Broken Nose or Table Saw with their friends, extended family and teammates from work.

We make it easy at Raft One for groups to head down the Ocoee River together with our rafting packages for groups of 15 or more. So leave your flip-flops at home, put your sunglasses in the car, and wear your swimsuit. It’s time to get wet! Just don’t forget to book your trip.

Give us a call at 1-888-RAFT-ONE for help planning your group rafting trip, and for information on rafting specials, deals and discounts for your group.  Or, simply ‘Book Now’ to see immediate availability for the 2018 season.


White Water Rafting Group Experiences

Who has taken advantage of our white-water rafting group packages? Just about everyone! Raft One and the Ocoee River are perfect for any of the following group adventures:


Corporate Team-building trips in Tennessee

A dunk tank doesn’t fit through your office door, so what better way to douse your small company’s team in water than a voyage down the Ocoee River? Kidding aside, team-building trips on the Ocoee river in Tennessee are excellent for helping your team bond outside the workplace.

White-water rafting also requires communication. While our expert guides act as your leaders, they also depend on your party to work together as you paddle down the rapids. It’s an exciting trip d­­­own the Ocoee River, and that helps everyone on your team relax and have some fun with one another.

Bring them for a team-building trip on Friday and then see the change on Monday. As one member of a company party said,

Team-building has never been so fun…the guides were very professional and did a fantastic job. We had an absolute blast!

Extended Family Vacations

If you’re looking for family fun in Georgia or Tennessee, make a pit stop with your extended family at Raft One to create a set of unforgettable memories. Our rafting packages for groups, as well as our experienced guides, make it easy to keep your party together.

As one of our guests explains,

Kudos to our guides, Paige and Luke, for helping keep our two rafts close enough to enjoy the trip down the river as a whole family — reunion of 13 people — while maintaining safe distances.,

And if your family wants to take our full-day trip down the Ocoee River, our air-conditioned lodge is ready to lull you to sleep after a day on the rapids.


Youth Group Excursions in Tennessee

Rafting is built on teamwork. Paddling by yourself isn’t all it’s cracked up to be — trust us. Get your youth group and bring them to Raft One for an experience of fun and fellowship they’ll never forget. It’ll also be comical if our guides’ jokes hit your funny bone.

Before every run on the river, we give a 15-minute safety demonstration, so everyone stays safe on the water. Plus, we provide everyone with life vests and a wet suit if you’re visiting during the cooler months. Once you see the fun your group’s having on the rapids, you may decide Raft One is the place for your annual trip.

Another youth leader thought the same thing —

We bring our youth group back every summer because nobody does white-water rafting like Raft One! They really engage the entire group with humor, education about the scenery and bonus adventures like the rock trampoline”

— and cut the spoilers!

Whether you’re looking for some team-building recreation, family fun or more, our rafting packages for groups make it easy to travel down Ocoee River together.

Our Rafting Group Packages Provide Entertainment and Recreation for Days

At Raft One, our white-water rafting group packages for 15 or more people include a five percent discount. We also offer combo trips which can include lunch, zip lining or mountain biking. It’s the ultimate team-building trip for a fun adrenaline rush and lasting memories.

Looking for many activities to do with your group, we can keep you entertained and keep the teambuilding going for days!  DAYS? Yep, Raft One has plenty of team building activities like Ropes Course, Ziplines, Waterfall hikes and swims, Mountain Biking, and more for your group to enjoy.

Feeding the troops isn’t easy but our 5 star menu of catering will make for full bellies!  Raft One’s catering service can provide just about anything you would like for any and all meals and occasions.

Lodging large groups is extremely difficult… But not at Raft One, we’ve got you covered!  Our lodges can hold your group and keep them warm or cool in our mountain style bunk cabins.  The Lodges are much nicer than your summer camp cabins, but still with the bunk beds!

Book your trip today and get ready to raft with us.